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Publishing and Educational Soviet Posters

The exhibition features posters from the collection of the Russian Museum, relating to education in Russia in the first third of the twentieth century. The exposition includes about 120 works of agitation art of the widest thematic range - from narrow advertising in bookstores, publishing houses and libraries to large-scale propaganda of reading, getting knowledge and education.

A special section of the exhibition will consist of posters dedicated to the elimination of illiteracy and the program of universal education - one of the most large-scale social and educational projects in Russian history. Among the authors of the presented works are both unknown artists and famous masters (I.Y. Bilibin, B.N. Kustodiev, S.V. Chekhonin, A.A. Deineka, A.F. Pakhomov, D.S. Moor, D.M. Bulanov and others).

 The exposition is supplemented with works of sculpture, numismatics, folk and decorative art, which reflected the main theme of the exhibition.

The exhibition organized with the support of NOVATEK